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Why PassroomX's Science Tutoring? 

An online science tutor is the key to a student achieving understanding and confidence in science subjects. Our comprehensive and convenient tutoring solution will give students full access to an entire year’s course syllabus content which includes video lessons, past papers, and more. 

Our tutoring sessions are led by experienced and highly knowledgeable math and science tutors who tailor the tutoring session to the student’s specific needs and learning styles. 

In Lower Secondary, otherwise referred to as Grade 7-9 in the CAPS curriculum, students will receive tutoring on science as a whole, as the subject encompasses biology, physics, and chemistry at these stages.

In the CAPS curriculum, this subject is referred to as Natural science, while the British curriculum refers to it as science. However, once students move on to IGCSE/Grade 10 the subjects are split into specific scientific fields.

In the CAPS curriculum, the scientific subjects consist of Physical science and Life sciences. Physical science consists of chemistry and physics; while Life sciences consist of biology. In the British curriculum, the scientific subjects consist of chemistry, physics, and biology. 

Therefore, from  IGCSE/Grade 10, to  A Levels/Grade 12, we have specially designed science packages where chemistry and physics are dealt with separately. Both our chemistry, and math and physics tutors are intently focused on helping students improve their grades through a true understanding of scientific concepts. 

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