Lower Secondary French

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About PassroomX French Tutoring

With our 1-on-1 online French tutoring, students can grow in their confidence and mastery of the French Language. 

Each student that signs up for our French tutoring will receive one week’s access to an entire year’s worth of French lessons and syllabus course content. This content includes resources such as past papers and memorandums, which can be used to get guided help for their upcoming exams from the French language private tutor.

Our high school French tutors are highly qualified and passionate about the language, and are able to adapt to the student’s learning style to better explain basic and complex linguistic concepts to the student. 

Our course has been designed to improve a student’s grades through an understanding of the language, building their confidence in their abilities. 

We offer online French tutoring for students at Lower Secondary Level.

Sign up for our comprehensive 1-on-1 online French tutoring to improve your grades and succeed.