IGCSE / Grade 10 & 11 English

Master the English language and improve your grades with our 1-on-1 online tutoring sessions.

About Our English Tutoring

Our online English tutoring is the perfect way for your child to improve their language skills without having to leave the comfort of their home. Our one-on-one sessions are tailored specifically to their needs, so they can progress at their own pace. 

Topics covered

  • Topics include: Reading - improve the student’s understanding of texts including the ability to recognise and distinguish between facts, ideas and opinions; and how to infer information from texts. 
  • Writing - improve grammatical structures, vocabulary, the use of conventions of paragraphing, punctuation and spelling. 
  • Listening - help students improve their understanding of spoken English and organise information from a conversation effectively. 
  • Speaking - help students communicate clearly, convey information, improve their pronunciation and express opinions effectively.