AS Level / Grade 12 Accounting

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About Our Accounting Tutoring

Our tutors can help students grasp difficult concepts and topics that are frequently covered in high school accounting courses and exams.  

Topics covered

  • Financial Accounting: preparation of financial statements, accounting concepts, and conventions, interpretation and analysis of financial statements.
  • Cost Accounting: cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting, variance analysis, standard costing, and decision-making using relevant costing techniques.
  • Management Accounting: decision-making, investment appraisal, and performance measurement in business.
  • Auditing: principles and practices of auditing, internal control systems, and audit planning and reporting.
  • Business Finance: sources of finance, capital investment appraisal, and working capital management.
  • Ethics: ethical issues and considerations in accounting, and the role of accountants in business.
  • Business structures: sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies.