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PassroomX students get access to CambriLearn's online learning platform, giving them access to 34 week's worth of content to approach the topics they struggle with.


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Why PassroomX's Biology Tutoring? 

With our online biology tutoring services, each student is provided with access to an entire year’s biology course content, and 1-on-1 tutoring sessions led by an experienced biology tutor. Biology at high school level can have difficult concepts to master, but with the help of additional resources like interactive content, pre-recorded live lessons, past papers, and worksheets, PassroomX increases their chances of success.
With the added content and individualised attention, students enjoy unparalleled improvement from their tutoring sessions.
We offer biology tutoring services from Grade 10/ IGCSE up until Grade 12/ AS Level. These are typically the hardest years when it comes to studying biology and we therefore want to ensure that every student feels confident in their understanding of the subject.
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