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Master the English language and improve your grades with our 1-on-1 online tutoring sessions.

How Our Tutoring Works

PassroomX students get access to CambriLearn's online learning platform, giving them access to 34 week's worth of content to approach the topics they struggle with.


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Activate your CambriLearn pass, and search through the content for additional help.


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Why PassroomX's English Tutoring? 

Enjoy a truly specialised English tutoring experience where the student and their understanding of the English language is prioritised. All of our English tutors are highly qualified and truly have a passion for teaching! 

Not only will the student experience 1-on-1 tutoring sessions with an online English tutor, but they will also get access to an entire year’s English course content covering that year’s syllabus. With all of these benefits and resources, each student will be empowered and feel confident in their understanding of the English language. 

Our online English tutors offer tutoring from Grade 7/Lower Secondary, to Grade 12/AS Level. Depending on when the student experiences difficulty with English, they can sign up for the relevant package, to ensure they are prepared and can improve their grades going forward. 

The personalised tutoring sessions combined with access to additional content provides the student with a unique opportunity to be exposed to every learning aid they need to succeed. Don’t continue to struggle, move forward towards success with the help of our tutoring services.

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