IGCSE Chemistry Exam Preparation Course

A course that aids students in grasping complex chemistry concepts for IGCSE success.

About the course

The International GCSE Chemistry exam preparation course has been designed to help students understand complex concepts they might be struggling with and reach their academic goals.

When completing the weekly assignments, students will have the opportunity to test their knowledge of the subject and identify areas where they can improve.

Not only will students receive personalised feedback from their teachers, but they will also have the chance to work through the previous assignment and the issues they encountered. Here, teachers will work through some of the more complex problems and give a detailed explanation of how you can approach and solve certain problems.

Access to the full year's course content will allow students to review recorded live lessons, and spend more time rewatching recordings covering more challenging concepts.

The IGCSE Chemistry exam prep course topics

  • Aluminium and the Transition Metals: understand the most abundant metal on Earth and why the transition metals are so popular; learn about the properties that make them interesting.
  • The Periodic Table, Classification and Trends: learn about the history of The Periodic Table, its classification and trends, and understand how to utilise it as a tool.
  • Atoms, Molecules, Structure of Atoms, Isotopes: understand what everything consists of and how atoms, molecules, isotopes and the structure of atoms, are the basis of everything we can see, touch, and experience.
  • Polymers: learn what polymers are, how they function, and how they form part of petrochemicals. Understand the concept of Addition Polymerisation.
  • Chemical Reactions: master chemical reactions by understanding physical and chemical change, types of chemical reactions, and equations for chemical reactions. Delve into redox reactions, electrolysis, and the electrolysis of molten compounds.

This will ensure that each student receives the clarity and confidence they require to achieve their desired marks.

How the course works

Throughout the course, students will be provided with past exam papers designed to practice and reinforce the concepts covered in the Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry exams. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive individualised feedback from the teacher during the online lessons.

Students will also receive a recording of each live lesson, to revisit should they wish to review a specific portion of the lesson.

The first 6 weeks of the course will focus on establishing which problem areas students are facing when completing past papers. After each assessment is completed, the teacher will work through problem areas that arose and provide detailed explanations to help students solve the problems. Each assessment is also marked, and students are given individualised feedback on their papers.

The course concludes with a final mock exam, written in test conditions in an online lesson. In the final week, students will receive feedback from the teacher on their final exam and advice on how to prepare for the Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry exam.