IGCSE Biology Exam Prep

Our IGCSE Biology exam preparation course is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the key concepts and principles within the subject area.

About the course

There is a lot of ground to cover in International GCSE Biology and much to revise. This can be daunting for students as they start to prepare for their exams, which is why the Biology exam preparation course is a critical tool.

This course provides students with the unique opportunity to fully prepare for their biology exams with the help of weekly assignments, individual feedback, live Q&A sessions, and access to the entire year’s library of recorded live lessons.

These resources are highly beneficial to students, providing them with an opportunity to focus on the concepts with which they struggle most. The recorded live lessons can be watched as many times as they need to fully comprehend a concept.

Each assignment contains questions from past papers that are designed to challenge students. Every student receives personal feedback on their assignments and can then determine where they need to put in more work.

The Q&A sessions provide a unique opportunity for students to view how to approach and solve difficult questions.

Some of the topics covered in the IGCSE Exam Prep course include:

  • Gas Exchange in Humans: understand the structure of the gaseous exchange system, including ventilation of the lungs and other gas exchanges that take place within the human body.
  • Inheritance and Variation: delve into monohybrid inheritance, co-dominance and sex linkage, punnets squares and pedigree diagrams, as well as variation.
  • Transport in Animals: covering translocation, the heart, the heart and physical activity, and all things related to transport in animals.
  • Movement In and Out of Cells: discover and understand diffusion, osmosis, and active transport.

After this exam preparation course, students will feel confident in their understanding of International GCSE Biology and have the tools they require to achieve their academic goals.

How the course works

Throughout the course, students will be provided with past exam papers designed to practice and reinforce the concepts covered in the Cambridge IGCSE Biology exams. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive individualised feedback from the teacher during the online lessons.

Students will also receive a recording of each live lesson, to revisit should they wish to review a specific portion of the lesson.

The first 6 weeks of the course will focus on establishing which problem areas students are facing when completing past papers. After each assessment is completed, the teacher will work through problem areas that arose and provide detailed explanations to help students solve the problems. Each assessment is also marked, and students are given individualised feedback on their papers.

The course concludes with a final mock exam, written in test conditions in an online lesson. In the final week, students will receive feedback from the teacher on their final exam and advice on how to prepare for the Cambridge IGCSE Biology exam.